With 23 years corporate training experience in large multi-nationals, you can be assured that our training will prepare you for the real world of business.

They include practical advice, tips and tricks to ensure that you will always appear professional and that you’ll be prepared for most situations.

OPTIMUM BUSINESS ENGLISH is carefully and specifically designed for your Business English excellence.

Expert courses for individuals and groups needing to achieve excellence in business.

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Professional, real world applicable Business English training


  • With 23 years corporate training experience in large multi-nationals, training is specifically designed for optimum application in the real world of business

  • Highly qualified trainer with a 4 year Higher Diploma in Education: Second Language learning, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and an advanced TEFL certificate

  • Professional, expert training materials with practical advice, and tips and tricks to be fully prepared for most business situations

  • Training beyond a textbook: Theory is important, however it is the HOW (putting theory into practice) where one can go from mediocre to expert

  • Convenient online (remote) training

  • Get what you need to succeed at an expert level


1 Business English Specialist

Individual one-on-one training sessions, which are specifically tailored to your Business English needs.

Target group: Upper Intermediate to advanced level individuals who need targeted support and training, either in a specific area of business or in preparation for a specific event e.g. preparing for an important presentation to the board of directors.

2 Business English Generalist and Specific

Group or individual training sessions on general Business English skills, with a set curriculum (Generalist) or focusing on a specific area, e.g. just presentation skills (Business English Specific course).

Target group: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level individuals, groups or departments seeking to learn basic Business English skills or to enhance their current level to become more expert. Everything from presenting like an expert, to a business conversation over the phone, to writing an email.

For greater detail on training courses, please check out our

Is your Business English holding you back?

OPTIMUM BUSINESS ENGLISH can help you succeed with real world business content and context that goes beyond normal theory, to include practical experience aimed at boosting confidence and providing excellent business skills for the future

Lyn Laubscher



Lyn is a native English speaker, who is motivated by helping others achieve success.

She is approachable, patient, reliable, creative, supportive and, most importantly, she wants you to succeed.


Lyn has worked in many business areas of large, internationally recognised corporations and so is an expert in their business language.

Her role regularly combined the functions of internal communications, training and change management on large telecommunications projects and other strategic initiatives.

She also has specific experience in:

– Creating HR policies & procedures

– Talent recruitment & lead creation procedures

– Process creation, optimisation & re-engineering

(Finance, Souring, Compliance, Audits, Tenders, SSC’s, etc)

– Migrating and managing SOX & EWC compliance

– Global & Regional Shared Service Centre management

– Bid Management

– EcoMetric assessment certification

– Internship creation & management

– Full SAP, IFRS15, Concur & S4 Hana implementations


She has a four-year Higher Diploma in Education from the University of Natal, focusing on secondary (high school) second language teaching.

She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree, from the University of South Africa (UNISA), majoring in Psychology.

She is a certified EcoMetrist and has an Advanced 120 hour TEFL Certificate.

Her combined practical international business experience and professional know-how, together with excellent qualifications, ensure an effective all-round approach to training.


will help:

  • Grow your confidence and expertise
  • You relax in Business English, so that you can focus on other areas
  • You build a successful career and get that promotion or new job
  • You impress others with your skill