Question And Questioner

One of the most amazing things my father ever taught me was that, ‘There are no stupid questions, only stupid questioners’.

When to ask a question and why? What makes a stupid questioner? And the different types of questions.

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Lesson Learned: Learn to Chameleon

If you cannot Chameleon, evolve and survive, extinction is a very real possibility. This is not fear-mongering, this is a harsh fact of life today, with the AI revolution, and so the most important takeaway is that everyone needs to learn how to adapt, get used to learning new things quickly, to manage the stress and frustration that comes with starting over, and to be open to constant change.

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How To Summarise A Business Meeting Into The Minutes Of Meeting

There are no re-do’s, re-takes or rewinds in a live business meeting. If you cannot keep up, you will not only not be able to provide effective input during the session but you will also not be able to create successful summaries or Minutes of Meeting, so practicing will actually help you to succeed in your career.

This video will show you how to effectively summarise a business meeting into the Minutes of Meeting.

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Minutes Of A Business Meeting

One of the most important ways of ensuring that a meeting achieves results, and is thus successful, is to record the Minutes of that meeting.

It is a written / digital record of what was discussed and agreed.

There is so much a person can learn from any Minutes Of Meeting if one knows what to look for and so it is also a vital management tool.

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How To Interrupt A Belittling Bully Troublemaker In A Meeting Or Presentation

Make no mistake, you will at some stage be challenged by your audience, as you lead a business meeting or presentation. You need to be ready, with a plan of action, to deal with it effectively, to know when and how to escalate (to increase, raise, or to become more intense in) your response to any challenge.

This video not only explains the difference between a belittling bully and a troublemaker in a business environment, but it also provides 4 clear levels of escalation, in terms of your response.

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