5 Personal Advantages To Being Skilled In Business English

When learning or studying something, it is always important to remember why you are doing it and how you will personally benefit from all your hard work.

I was recently reminded of this, whilst responding to a very insightful question posed by ‘Telkom University’ in a comment to my article, ‘The Art of Business English versus Standard English‘, for which I thank them. Their comment simply posed the question, ”How can a deeper understanding of ‘The Art of Business English’ contribute to one’s overall success in professional and international business environments, based on the article’s insights?”

There are 5 main personal advantages to perfecting Business English:


Being skilled in Business English gives the impression of professionalism. A business professional is more likely to see another business professional as someone who is to be respected and whose opinion is to be considered, valued and trusted. It provides a foot in the door, giving you a chance to be heard and to prove yourself.


If you are skilled in Business English you will automatically achieve results faster and more efficiently. Whereas, if you are unskilled in Business English you may be misunderstood and have to re-explain several times to finally achieve understanding. Being unskilled in Business English costs you and your audience time, money and additional effort to navigate, all of which impact efficiency.


Being skilled in Business English means that you will be quickly and easily understood. Effortless communication enhances efficiency and productivity, as it gets things done quicker and with less effort.


When you are confident in Business English you don’t second-guess yourself and so you will find it a lot easier to focus your attention on the work, rather than on trying to be understood. It removes a lot of that additional stress and tension, ensuring that you come across as being confident, strong and in control of any situation.


The culmination (build up) of all of the above is that you will then be eligible for better career and professional growth opportunities, as you effortlessly deliver results with professionalism.

Improving your Business English will enhance your future opportunities, so it deserves all your focus and attention

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Lyn has worked in various business areas of large, internationally-recognised, multinational telecommunication corporate organisations since 2004, gaining significant expertise in the business language of each. Her role regularly combined the functions of internal communications, training and change management on large projects and other strategic initiatives. She also has specific experience in: – Creating HR policies and procedures – Talent recruitment lead creation procedures – Process creation, optimisation and re-engineering in AP, sourcing and HR – Migrating and managing SOX and EWC compliance, and implementations – Global and regional Shared Service Centre management and implementations – Bid Management – EcoMetric assessment training and certification procedures – Internship creation and management – Full SAP, IFRS15, Concur and S4 Hana implementations QUALIFICATIONS She has a four-year Higher Diploma in Education from the University of Natal, in secondary (high school) second language teaching. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree, from the University of South Africa (UNISA), majoring in Psychology. She is a certified EcoMetrist and has an Advanced 120 Hour TEFL certificate. Her combination of international business experience provides practical, professional know-how, combined with excellent qualifications, ensures an effective all-round, expert approach to training.

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