How To Interrupt A Belittling Bully Troublemaker In A Meeting Or Presentation

Make no mistake, you will at some stage be challenged by your audience, as you lead a business meeting or presentation. You need to be ready, with a plan of action, to deal with it effectively, to know when and how to escalate (to increase, raise, or to become more intense in) your response to any challenge.

This video not only explains the difference between a belittling bully and a troublemaker in a business environment, but it also provides 4 clear levels of escalation, in terms of your response:

1 Start gently, to not escalate unless absolutely necessary

2 Escalate (should they not back down) to a more direct approach using your words, body language, facial expressions and
tone of voice

3 Before asking them to leave the room and
setting up a meeting with them and their
manager to resolve it

4 Finally, rescheduling the meeting, and
potentially uninviting them

In business, as in life, there are always bullies and troublemakers. Knowing how to effectively deal with them will ensure your professional success, as it boosts your self-confidence in knowing that you can handle any situation calmly because you have prepared and carefully considered (thought about) your responses before stepping into the room.

Use the plan of action set out in this video, or prepare a plan of your own to ensure your success when challenged by your audience.

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